About the Ministry

The Dickson County Jail Chaplaincy exists to minister to the needs of the inmates, staff, and community of Dickson County through the county jail in Charlotte.

The DCJC was established in 2011 at a time when no chaplains were in the County Jail. The Dickson County Ministerial Alliance, along with some regular volunteers, stepped up to ensure that this window of opportunity was not missed. A board and separate organization was formed to select a chaplain and raise support for this work.

The Jail Chaplaincy is supported fully by the churches, individuals, and businesses of our community. No taxpayer dollars are used to support our mission of serving in the  county jail.

As of January 2014, more than 120 volunteers have been through our background checks and Safety & Security training sessions. Seventeen of our volunteers have completed a rigorous 40-hour Tennessee Corrections Institute training workshop to be better able to serve in the jail. We have been supported by more than 20 sponsoring churches.

What do you do?

We serve the inmates through a variety of programs and opportunities. The Chaplain makes regular rounds to visit and offer prayer and study to the inmates. A Bible cart offers Bible study materials and devotional literature. Volunteers work the inmates through 12 steps in a Celebrate Recovery-style program. We facilitate one-on-one pastoral visits, daily Bible studies led by pastors and lay leaders. We offer Parenting Classes approved by the department of children’s services, the Journey to Freedom program, and even help meet basic needs for indigent inmates.

Chaplain Aaron Terlecki

Chaplain Aaron Terlecki

Chaplain Aaron Terlecki

Chaplain Aaron was selected in the fall of 2013. Aaron graduated from Dickson County High School in 1989 and Union University in 1993. He’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree from Liberty University.

Aaron served the Grace Baptist Church in Dickson for 12 years prior to his selection as pastor of the Hillcrest Baptist Church in Bon Aqua in 2005, where he serves today. Additionally, Aaron is involved as a part-time chaplain for Avalon Hospice in Dickson.

Chaplain Terlecki has been married for 19 years and has 6 children.

DCJC Board

The Dickson County Jail Chaplaincy board is responsible for overseeing the work of the Chaplain and fundraising to continue the chaplaincy.

The board members currently serving are Tom Todd (White Bluff Church of Christ, president of the board), Marvin Corlew (Dickson First Assembly), Matthew Hiatt (Burns Church of Christ), Tim O’Dell (Corrections Corporation of America), Paul Picard (Pond Presbyterian), Steve Wallick (Blankenship CPA Group – financial advisor), Howard Wingo (Faith Baptist), and Captain Donnie Young (Dickson County Sheriff’s office representative).

More information?

If you have any questions about the ministry, would like to get in touch with the Chaplain or the board, please fill out the contact form below.