Coronavirus Update

Good afternoon,

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office values health, safety and security of all citizens. COVID-19 pandemic is steadily evolving. Dickson has been blessed thus far, that being said. Dickson County will be terminating all on site visitation with in custody person(s) effective March 21, 2020 at 8 p.m.<x-apple-data-detectors://5> until further notice.

Effective immediately the entry of Volunteers/Chaplain(s), Probation/Parole, Department of Children Services, CASA members and Attorneys has been revoked until further notice. Jail Industries, Road Crew and Landfill crews will not conduct business off the grounds of the Dickson County Jail in order to eliminate any public exposure.

Family/friends wishing to visit with in custody persons are welcome to visit the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office website to schedule a at home visit. A at home visit allows the Family/Friends to visit in custody persons from the comfort of their home or from an electronic device wherever they may be. GTL and the Dickson County Jail worked closely to establish this being offered free to the family/friends. The allowance will be two (2) ten (10) minute at home visits a week for the next three months. Family/friends will still be able to schedule the twenty five (25) minutes at home visit however it carries a cost of $8.75.

Attorneys, Probation/Parole, Department of Children Services, Volunteers/Chaplains/Ministry, CASA members are welcome to visit the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office website to schedule a professional at home visit. Once registered, the system will advise you to notify the Dickson County Jail. Please do so by email, we will begin the process of approval to get all set up for professional visitation. This is free of charge to the in custody persons and Professionals.

Weekenders are directed to contact the Court that has sentenced you to weekends, this goes for persons whom need to be booked into the Dickson County Jail regarding criminal summons, cite to court, or citations.

Bondsmen entering the jail lobby shall go straight to the bonding room, do not roam about the lobby please. We will conduct business however it will be from behind a window. Notify the jail once you have arrived in the lobby in order for us to conduct business.

Commissary will be distributed; the Commissary Staff will not distribute the commissary that will be done by the Dickson County Jail Staff. Commissary Staff will be required to fill the vending machine and empty the kiosks. This will shorten time of Staff being in the jail.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we wish to keep all persons safety and well being as our priority.

Captain Amy Longtin
Jail Administrator
Dickson County Jail