Get Involved

Want to join in with us in the DCJC ministry? There are plenty of ways to help!


We always need prayer! Paul told the Thessalonians to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

  • Pray for the hearts of the inmates and staff.
  • Pray for “good soil.”
  • Pray that the Lord of Harvest will send workers.
  • Pray for the safety of our volunteers and chaplains.
  • Pray that Satan’s attacks on this good work will be ineffective.
  • Pray for our fundraising efforts to support this work.
  • Pray for the DCJC to make good decisions about the most effective ways to minister.


It is no secret that without funding, this work would be impossible. We do our best to be good financial stewards. The majority of our contributions go directly towards the ministry–paying for the Chaplain’s services, buying resource materials, and working towards new programs. We try to keep overhead at a minimum.

How to give

Many of our supporters simply write a check to the DCJC. You can give it to the Chaplain or any board member, or mail it to us at P.O. Box 557, Charlotte, TN 37036. Monthly contributions of any amount help us the most! Most banks now allow you to set up free “automatic bill pay.” You can talk to your banker about this, but it is an easy way to support the ministry every month without requiring a stamp.

We now have the option to give online.  You can use any major debit or credit card.

Safety & Security  Training Session

Safety & Security Training Session


We always need volunteers. To become a volunteer, contact us and we’ll get you an application for a background check. If you have some history, you are not automatically disqualified, but we’ll need to discuss them. After you’ve been cleared, you’ll attend one of our Safety & Security training sessions. These training workshops are usually held on Saturday mornings from about  9-noon three times a year. Then we’ll let you work with an existing volunteer until you’re ready to come on your own.

Fundraising Banquet

Fundraising Banquet

  • Bible Study Teachers: Are you willing to teach a weekly or monthly Bible study in the jail? You can re-use your Sunday School lessons or we can help you find a curriculum that works for you. We especially need male teachers! We have Bible studies at different times-morning, afternoon, and evening-so one of them should fit your schedule.
  • GED Teachers: This is one of our newest outreaches. Many of our inmates are high school dropouts. If you can help tutor small groups in your area of expertise (e.g., math, reading, science, civics, etc.), that’s all you need to do. We’ll provide the materials.
  • Re-entry help: One of our biggest challenges is helping mentor men and women after they are released. If you can help with transportation and accountability, you can go a long way as a one-on-one mentor for inmates and help shut the “revolving door” of prison life.

Besides these roles, we have other opportunities that are not in direct contact with the inmates. We always need clerical and administrative help. We could not put on our fundraising banquet without dedicated volunteers who help with the catering and all of the logistics. If you want to serve and you know your gifts and abilities, we’re sure to have a place for you.